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* Recognized Bruges Sports Club

The Bruges Sports Council recognized us as a full-fledged sports club

* Own "Flemish" teachers

Our teachers are Flemish dancers who specialized in "Cuban dance styles" and then obtained a dance teacher's diploma here.

* Unique place " Fish Market *

Our "Free" dance activities during the months of July and August take place on the Vismarkt (courtyard), a unique place in historic Bruges.

* Monthly "Matinees"

During the winter months you can continue to dance during a cozy and matinee.

Then we would like to welcome you in an adapted, spacious room to further practice your "Dance arts".

* Known and Recognized by the "Cuban Community" in Belgium

The Cuban Community has continued to follow and support "Salsa de Brujas" since its inception.

For example, one of the previous years we received the Cuban ambassador during one of our dance activities.

We also maintain close contacts with a dance school in Havana, "Kubasoy", some of our members were already there to take dance lessons.

Sometimes members of Kubasoy also come to us as "guest teachers".

* Intervention mutuality in membership fees

All mutualities provide an intervention in your membership fee, because we are a recognized sports club. Certificates can be obtained on the Mutuality website and have them completed on the first day of class.

Why choose "Salsa de Brujas ?

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